OS Offline Map

Windows Phone 7 Application for viewing Ordnance Survey OpenData offline using your phone's flash memory.

Trial version is limited to 20Mb. Full version lets you download 4Gb+

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MasterMap Importer

Loads the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topographic layer into a spatial database.

Open source, free for non commercial or trial use.

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Notes on importing Ordnance Survey data

Notes on importing Ordnance Survey raster and vector data.

Configuration files and instructions to assist with rendering Ordanance Survey data including MasterMap topographic maps using UMN MapServer.

Importing data - General Notes

Importing data - UMN MapServer

Free Software

A small freeware program for the PocketPC that allows you to efficiently view very large text files eg. books.

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A UA Client for the Pocket PC.

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Find Dead Windows

A windows desktop utility that polls all the top level windows to make sure they're responding.

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Vista CD Writer

A console application that lets you write ISO files to CD and DVD in Vista.

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A console application that lets you copy block devices. This can be used to read a disk image (eg. create an ISO file of a CD/DVD).

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